Pattern is the Detail of Movement

A process-poetry installation by RED FOREST.

Es la hora de los hornos, y no se ha
de ver más que la luz.


Provocation No.1

* Forced displacement, erosion, and exhaustion is the pattern of the present domination.
* Extractivism is the motor of imperialism.

Extractivism can be understood as the result of a one-directional attention to environments. Capitalist conceptions of economic growth, encoded in technologies of engagement, impose a rhythm to the organic composition of energy by turning it into a speculative value measured in its propensity to extraction. These dynamics are further linked to anthropocentric and colonialist-driven conceptions of how life should be lived, which is at heart of contemporary alienation.
It was on April 1967, in La Habana, Cuba, where the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa, and Latin America-OSPAAAL received Ernesto Che Guevara's letter questioning the 21th anniversary of cease to the Global Conflict. Underlining the cynicism of United Nations' peace celebrations, Che dared to ask "21 years without World War?" This letter remarked on the ongoing military interventions led by the United States and their affiliated imperialist nuclear block, weaving the flag of liberal order and capitalist progress, to justify war crimes to date unaccounted. Che Guevara's addressed people's revolutionary necessity: "It is up to us, the exploited and wretched people of the world, to eliminate the bases of imperialism's sustenance." The call remains valid, as the voracity of capitalist exploitation grows in the time of a global catastrophe. Today, the Zapatista Army continues to remind us that we live a time of total war, a war threatening our capacity to sustain life on Earth. In the need to reclaim potentialities that are immanent to the liberation of time and the time for liberation: Revolt, repair, and restore our relations with land and imagination!

RED FOREST is a collective that grounds together research, art, political imagination, and social actions thriving for transformative justice and ecological reparations. In 2021 they initiated a pan-continental research focusing on the intersections between contemporary extractivism and datification processes. Red Forest assembles and organises their work with infrastructures of collective reciprocity and interdependency as actual potentiality. Their research contributes to the theoretical framework of Energetic Materialism to conceptualise urgent cultural and social processes in the defence of life and the construction of pluriversal futures in dignified flux.

Red Forest is mobilized by David Muñoz Alcántara, Diana McCarty, Mijke van der Drift and Oleksiy Radynski, after their collective practices collided during a 2019-2020 BAK Fellowship in Utrecht. It unfolds as a growing constellation of artists, activists, researchers, media producers, filmmakers, philosophers, educators and time travellers realizing interdisciplinary projects. The current Red Forest research project Energetic Materialism Laboratory is done with the support of the Kone Foundation.